Spectrum Trail Design has earned a reputation in the Midwest for developing top quality trails that have gained national recognition.


We specialize in designing and constructing natural surface trails for mountain biking, hiking, and running. Our services also include consulting, planning, and training.


We work with responsible land owners, parks and recreation departments, and public land managers at all levels whose goal is the creation of sustainable trails to access the beauty and unique features of their property. The hard work and subtle nuance in creating trails that will survive with minimal upkeep may be lost on the casual user, but are essential to the goal of creating a backwoods experience where the environment, not the trail, is the primary focus.

We own and operate a small equipment fleet that allows us to construct trails quickly and efficiently with minimal environmental impact. All of our work is groomed by hand, often in partnership with local volunteer organizations. Our portfolio includes ADA boardwalks, rustic bridges, and significant rock work (from routine tread hardening and retaining walls to stone staircases and technical features for Black Diamond mountain bike trails).


Spectrum Trail Design was formed in 2004 as proprietor Alex Stewart transitioned from a dedicated volunteer trailbuilder to a professional. Since then, Spectrum has designed and installed over 100 miles of natural surface trail in the Midwest and developed Indiana into a mountain biking destination.

Kevin Marzahl joined Spectrum in 2014. A skilled small equipment operator, Kevin brings years of experience in hand building and volunteer management from his time as a Trail Specialist with the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department.